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Thyroid (TSH) 1 test

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The human thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) stimulates the thyroid gland to produce other hormones that affect the metabolism of almost all tissues in the body. A condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones is called hypothyroidism. Both men and women can have hypothyroidism, although it is more common in women. In the UK, it affects 15 in 1000 women and 1 in 1000 men. Children can also develop hypothyroidism.

The Newfoundland Thyroid Test is a rapid test that qualitatively detects the presence of TSH in whole blood samples with a sensitivity of 5 µLU/mL using a combination of monoclonal antibodies to selectively detect elevated TSH levels in whole blood.



  • Detection limit for TSH - 5 µLU/mL
  • Accuracy 98 %, sensitivity 98 %, specificity 98 %
  • Result in only 10 minutes

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